Clean energy and transport: exploring new opportunities for Italian companies in emerging Asian markets

Friday, 2nd of July
09.30 (Rome time) | 15.30 (Manila time)

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Webinar Description

Are you aware of the new opportunities in the emerging Asian markets and the instruments that Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) can offer to support Italian and local businesses?

Antonella Baldino, Chief International Development Finance Officer of CDP will intervene with the Director of the Procurement Division 2 of ADB, Rustam Abdukayumov, to introduce a webinar dedicated to companies in the clean energy and transport sectors – an occasion to explore the new opportunities that emerging Asian markets have to offer and how to tackle them with the help of CDP and ADB.

A deep dive with ADB experts on Clean Energy and Transport, Kee-Yung Nam, Principal Energy Economist, and Michael Anyala, Senior Road Asset Management Specialist, will provide us a wide view on the business opportunities that ADB offers in these two strategic sectors in Asia.

These presentations, moderated by Laurent Franciosi, Head of the International Business Support team at CDP, will open up the floor for a focus on the instruments that ADB and CDP offer companies to grow and take advantage of all the relevant opportunities in Asia: instruments for procurement and financial products.

Janyna Rhor, Principal Procurement Specialist, will present what ADB offers companies for procurement of goods, works, non-consulting and consulting services. The Procurement, Portfolio and Financial Management Department supports clients on procurement planning and implementation, contract management, and related risk assessment and mitigation throughout the project life cycle. It also leads procurement and consulting services innovation and capacity building initiatives.

Following the procurement system presentation, Giulio Dal Magro, Head of Development Financing at CDP, will introduce the financial products CDP offers to Italian and local companies to grow in the emerging markets in particular in the clean energy and transport sectors.

During the webinar, the audience will be able to interact with the speakers by replying to surveys that will be launched and read live and through a Q&A session – a chance to pose questions to the speakers of ADB and CDP.

Clean and transport sectors the emerging Asian markets

According to ADB, Asia and the Pacific’s energy demand is projected to double by 2030, about 200 million people will be without electricity and more than 1.7 billion people will not have access to clean energy for their cooking needs. Also according to ADB, about 44 million people are being added to Asia's urban population every year, equivalent to 120,000 people a day. ADB has estimated that 80% of Asia’s new economic growth will be generated in its urban economies since this is where most jobs and employment opportunities are located. These trends are placing an enormous pressure on transport and mobility in urban areas.

A quick glimpse into Asia's demographic and economic changes that will occur, and that are already occurring, already suggest the importance that these sectors represent for sustainable growth. This webinar will allow us to go into depth and to understand what these numbers mean for companies and what type of support they can receive from ADB and CDP to make the most of the new opportunities that are arising.

Target companies

The webinar is for Italian and local Asian companies that operate in the clean energy and transport sectors and that are already active in the emerging Asian markets or looking to expand into these markets.


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